Hemp Oil for Dogs | Premium Hemp Seed Oil for Pets (200ml)

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Hemp Seed Oil

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Support the health and well-being of your pet with our 100% Aussie, cold-pressed, human-grade Hemp Seed Oil!



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Hemp Oil For Dogs

At Pet Food Australia, we’re constantly at the forefront of pet nutrition. Our human-grade hemp oil for dogs is a blend of nature’s finest to provide your canine companion with unmatched health benefits. It is also suitable for cats.

Potential Hemp Seed Oil Benefits:

The benefits of hemp oil for pets in Australia, especially dogs, have been widely recognised. Let’s delve into why:

– Pain Relief
– Anxiety & Stress Relief
– Improve Immune System
– Healthy Skin & Coat
– Reduces Joint Pain
– Natural anti-inflammatory
– Rich in Omega 3, 6 & Fatty Acids

For best results, the oil should be introduced into your pet’s diet in small doses and slowly increased to the required dietary amount.

Recommended Dosage:
1ml = 5kg
1 Pump = 1.5ml

Used for thousands of years, hemp seed oil comes from the seeds of the hemp plant. Hemp seed oil has no cannabinoids (CBD) and helps both humans and dogs with a variety of functions related to mobility, appetite, pain, anxiety, and more. A cold-pressing process extracts the oil from hemp plant seeds. When it comes to hemp seeds for dogs, it can be quite beneficial for your dog’s diet as it is jam-packed with essential nutrients, which can bolster your pooch’s health in a variety of ways.

Can I add it to my dog’s raw diet?
Yes. You can add our hemp seed oil to your dog’s raw and/or mixed diet.

Do I need it if I already feed my dog PFA kibble?
No. Our formulas already contain this magical ingredient.

Will hemp oil for dogs this fix everything?
No. While you may still experience the wonderful benefits of our hemp seed oil, you will not experience the same level of results compared to our Turkey & Kangaroo kibble formulas. This is because our dry food formulas are made using locally sourced, fresh, quality ingredients in conjunction with hemp seed oil in order to provide pets with a nutritious, balanced, and well-rounded diet.
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Complement Your Pet’s Diet with Hemp Seeds for Dogs

On top of our hemp oil for dogs, we offer so much more:

  • Lean Nutrition: Our low-fat dog food ensures your pet gets all the nutrition they need without the unnecessary calories.
  • Grooming Essentials: Keep your dog’s coat fresh and itch-free with our range of luxurious dog shampoo.
  • Treat Time: Reward your furry friend with our deliciousbeef liver dog treats, which they’re bound to love.

Shop Our Hemp Oil for Pets in Australia Today!

Harness the wellness potential of hemp oil for dogs with Pet Food Australia. With a focus on holistic health and a commitment to quality, your pet is in for a treat that not only tastes good but feels good. Explore our range and let your pet experience the nourishing goodness of hemp today!

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