Australia’s first dry dog food with hemp seed oil
All Sizes & Breeds
High Quality Ingredients
100% Australian Made
We’re looking for pet food distributors all over Australia to resell our pet food. Being a pet food dealer can be a very reliable business venture.
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Our Dry Dog Food
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Pet Food Australia

It’s no secret that dogs love eating, and finding the right pet food for your dog can sometimes be a bit of a struggle. Luckily, Pet Food Australia offers your dog a wholesome taste of turkey, chicken & ocean fish with Hemp seed oil. A healthy choice guaranteed to keep your dog’s tail wagging with delight.

100% Australian Made and Owned

Our dog food products are manufactured and sold exclusively in Australia. The perfect fit for your dog.

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Our Dog Food Product

Our dog food is made up of only the best ingredients with all the added necessary vitamins. A complete and balanced meal is essential for your dog’s health as well as their happiness. After all, dogs can’t stand not nibbling on something tasty and nutritious.

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Cute puppy with Pet Food Australia's premium pet food

why trust us?

We have been feeding
thousands of dogs for
over 20 years.


We focus on the health of
your dog, and not the size
of our pockets.


All our dry dog food formulas
are trusted and follow every
standard and rule set by the
pet food industry.


Our food is fit for all sizes and


Our food is FREE from
artificial colours, flavours
and preservatives.

  • No leftovers needed when you have Pet Food Australia

    Molly is a house dog and unless I mix leftovers with her food, she won’t eat anything. When I started buying Pet Food Australia, she liked it so much, that I didn’t need to mix anything with it. It is also better, especially having toddlers around the house, touching the dog food all the time.
  • Good flavoured dog food

    Wow, for the first time ever Scruffy loves dog food! Loves it so much. Thank you for making good flavoured dog food.
  • Know exactly what your dog is eating

    Since we started feeding our dogs Pet Food Australia, we feel comfortable knowing exactly what our dogs are eating. It’s so nutritious & filling, that we can even feed less in comparison to old food.
  • 100% Australian, premium dog food

    What I love about Pet Food Australia dog food is that it’s 100% Australian, premium, and my dog loves it. Thank you!
  • As soon as I switched my dog to PFA, the rashes went

    We adopted a dog from the Animal Adoption Agency, and we bought Pet Food Australia dog food as well. One week we couldn’t get back to the Animal Adoption Agency, so we bought similar premium food elsewhere. Our dog got a really bad rash, so we called to order PFA dog food, before we take our dog to the vet. They told me to wait until I reuse PFA, and then give them a call after three days. After three days, I couldn’t believe it. As soon as I switched my dog to PFA, the rashes went. No more itching and the coat is shiny again.

Pet Insurance

PIA provides a range of cover options for both cats
and dogs.

“Providing Insurance to over
18,000 customers”

Pets Training &

Put an end to your dog’s obedience problems with expert
training services.

Their services include:

  • Dog training for protection and professional use
  • Dog boarding kennels with a la carte feeding
  • An exercise running area and a swimming lake
  • Dog Grooming
  • Weighing, micro checking and micro-chipping