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Dog Food

Welcome to Pet Food Australia's range of Australian-made, hemp seed oil dog food. Our delicious food and treats are formulated to keep your furry friend healthy and happy because we understand the connection between diet and health. So, if other Australian dog food brands have left your dog panting in dissatisfaction and you want something that promises empty bowls at every meal time, it’s time to give Pet Food Australia a go. Remember; great health starts in the bowl.

Why Choose Our Australian-Made Dog Food Over Commercial Dog Foods?

The Power of Hemp Seed Oil

We produce all of our pet foods using a superfood we think everyone should be talking about; hemp seed oil! This versatile ingredient holds a huge amount of health benefits for your furry friends and acts as a natural anti-inflammatory and stress reliever too. 

Nutritional Excellence Guaranteed

Our Australian made dog food is formulated with the highest-quality ingredients to ensure your dog receives all the essential nutrients for optimal health and development. We understand the importance of a balanced diet and our dog food formulas are the next best thing to a raw diet. Just read our ingredients list and see for yourself. 

More Nutrition, Fewer Vet Bills

No one likes a trip to the vet — especially your pets! If you feel like your vet bills are beginning to stack up, then a change in diet could be what’s needed. Our dog food options are packed full of essential nutrients that will help to maintain the health of your pooch, and to keep money in your wallet.

All Our Dog Food is Australian-made 

We are proud to be Australian-made and owned, meaning we support Australian farmers and know that only the freshest produce goes into every bag of dog food. Your purchase not only benefits your pet but also the Australian communities that surround us.

Fully Tailored Solutions

Whether your dog has specific dietary requirements or preferences, we offer a diverse range of options to cater to every need. From dry puppy food to low-fat options, we’re sure to have something that your furry friend will love. We’re constantly listening to the needs of our customers; in fact our low fat dry dog food came about through suggestions made by the loyal Pet Food Australia community. This ensures you get exactly what you’re looking for when shopping with us.

Solving Health Conditions With Dog Food

Pet Food Australia dog food is more than just a meal; it's a solution to some of the most common health conditions faced by dogs all across Australia. We’re confident that we do things differently to other dog food brands, and the health benefits of our mixes are there to see:

  • Digestive Health: Our carefully crafted recipes promote healthy digestion, reducing the risk of gastrointestinal issues and ensuring your dog can absorb nutrients effectively.
  • Weight Management:Pet obesity rates are rising across Australia and one of the key reasons is high-calorie diets. With Pet Food Australia, we have low-fat dog food options to help manage your dog's weight without compromising on taste or nutrition. 
  • Joint Support: Certain formulations include ingredients that support joint health, ideal for older dogs or breeds prone to joint issues. Keep your dog active and comfortable with our specialised formulas.
  • Healthy Skin and Coat: Diet is a huge contributing factor to skin and coat problems amongst dogs. Our mixes are packed full of Omega 3, proteins and natural anti-inflammatories to help your dog feel healthy from nose to tail.

Don't just take our word for it - our reviews page is full of happy pup owners that have seen the results of our dog food first hand, so see for yourself. 

Explore Our Australian-Made Dog Food Range

Browse our online pet food to discover our full range of Australian-made dog food options. Even if you’re the lucky owner of a particularly fussy furry friend, we have something to satisfy every palate:

  • Dry Food: Choose from a selection of Omega 3, 6, and fatty acid-rich dry food options that are perfect for everyday meals, including chicken and duck, turkey and lamb, and turkey or kangaroo. Our food mixes come in a range of bag sizes, as well as smaller kibble sizes to suit smaller puppy mouths.
  • Dog Treats: Our treats are the ideal snack for your dog in between meal times and unlike other dog food brands, you won’t find any nasties inside. Choose from our delicious green lipped mussel treats or our classic chicken jerky for dogs.
  • Hemp Oils: Support the health and well-being of your pet with our 100% Australian-made, cold-pressed hemp seed oil for dogs.

We also have a range of cat food to choose from for all the feline lovers out there. Just like our dog food, it’s produced using hemp seed oil and is packed full of nutrients and vitamins. 

Australian Made Dog Food Backed By 18 Months of Research and Development

The Pet Food Australia journey began with Lee and Fiona, who dedicated decades to helping dogs live their best lives. Growing up alongside canines, they opened an animal shelter and boarding kennel, which is where they began to witness firsthand the transformative power of nutrition on canine health. 

After noticing remarkable improvements in dogs' health – less itching, shinier coats, increased energy, and fewer behavioural issues – Lee and Fiona knew they had to share their secret. Thus, after 18 months of meticulous research and development, they introduced Australia's first dry dog food with Hemp Seed Oil. 

They refused to compromise on quality and left commonly-used cheap ingredients such as rice, wheat, sunflower oil or cereal, out. Instead they chose to pack the formula full of superfoods like hemp seed oil, blueberries, spinach, and more. By doing so they were able to produce a hypoallergenic revolutionary dog food formula that has since transformed the lives of thousands of dogs, ensuring brighter, happier, and healthier days for thousands of pups worldwide. 

Nutritional Meals For Your Dog

Give your furry friend the gift of good health with Pet Food Australia dog food. We’re not like other Australian dog food brands; with our commitment to quality, locally sourced ingredients, and tailored solutions, you can trust that you're providing a nutritionally rich meal for your pet in every bowl. 

Join the Pet Food Australia community and see why so many Aussies are choosing our delicious hemp seed oil products as their trusted choice of pet food. 

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