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Guide to the PFA Website

How to Order Over the Phone

Not “Tech-Savvy” or unable to use a device to order online? Here’s how you can order with us over the phone πŸ“ž If you’re not “Tech-Savvy” or unable to use a device to order online, you can order with us over the phone πŸ“ž You can order over the phone …

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Quick Checkout for New Customers

Discover the fastest way to order one formula as a new customer 1. Navigate to “Super Foods” in the top bar, then click on “All-Natural Kibble Formulas” 🌿 (Alternatively, you can click here) 2. Click “Discover Formula” on the flavour you are interested in πŸ— 3. Read through the reviews …

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How to Order Multiple Products

Learn how to add more than one product to your cart 1. Click on “PFA Shop” option located in the top bar of our site (you can also click here to get straight to it, provided you have logged in!) 2. Now click on the flavor you would like, select …

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Setting Up a Subscription

Learn how to add a subscription/recurring order to your PFA account 1. Simply log in to your account (if you have not created one, you can do so here) 2. Click on “PFA Shop” option (you can also click here to get straight to it!) 3. Now click on the …

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What Are PFA Points & How To Use Them

Here is a guide on everything PFA Point related – what they are and how to use them! With every purchase (made while logged in) you earn PFA points πŸŽ‰ $1 Spent* = 1 PFA Point 100 PFA points = $1 Store Credit PFA points will last in your account …

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I’m Having Issues With the PFA Website!

Need assistance with the Pet Food Australia website? We’re here to help! That’s OK! πŸ‘   Please take a screenshot of the issue (including error messages) and use one of the methods below for support: Click the Square Smiley button on the bottom right of our website to speak to …

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Forgotten Password

Forgotten your password? Here’s how to reset it! Forgotten your password? No problem! πŸ‘  Navigate to “Returning Customers” at the top bar of the site 2. Click on “Forgotten Password” underneath the Login button 3. Fill out the form and check your email for a Change of Password message and …

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Introducing the PFA Diet

How to Transition Your Pet to a New Diet Safely and Successfully

Learn how to transition your pet to a new diet safely and successfully with Pet Food Australia’s comprehensive guide.

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How To Introduce PFA to Your Fur-Baby

All the info on how to introduce and transition your dog onto Pet Food Australia from their previous food You’ll find the detailed guide for transitioning on the packaging πŸ‘  We recommend replacing a 1/4 of their normal feed with ours over the next 2 weeks, gradually increasing the ratio …

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Feeding Guide for PFA

Want to know how much food to serve your dog per day? Here are the recommended amounts The feeding guide is on our packaging which you can reference at any time πŸ‘  The amounts recommended below are per day, we recommend splitting the amount into 2 serves (eg Breakfast and …

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PFA for Puppies

Want to know if Pet Food Australia is safe to feed your Puppy? Our Duck & Chicken Puppy Formula is designed for pups of all breeds until 6 months of age πŸ¦΄

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Ingredients and Nutritional Content

All the info on Ingredients and Nutrition. Including Fat Percentage and more. Please see below Ingredients and Nutritional info. The Kcal number stated in the data below is for an average daily Large Dog feed. πŸ•  KANGAROO & OCEAN FISH Nutrition 🍎 Protein: 30% (min) Fat: 14% (min) Fibre: 4% …

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Definition of Meat Meal

What does Meat Meal mean? Here is the definition for Chicken, Kangaroo, Turkey and Fish Meal is the dry rendered product from a combination of clean chicken flesh and skin with or without accompanying bone, derived from whole carcasses of chicken, excluding feathers, entrails, heads, and feet. The same definition …

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Pregnant and Lactating Females

Want to know if Pet Food Australia is suitable for Pregnant and Lactating females? Firstly, congratulations to the new Fur-Mum to be! πŸ’•  Secondly, our formulas are suitable for Pregnant and Lactating females πŸŽ‰

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Sizing of Biscuits

Sizing options for small and large kibble across our range of formulas Below is the sizing options across our range of formulas πŸ‘‡ Small Size – 10mm by 3mm  Large Size – 9mm by 30mm The small size is suitable for most small-medium Breeds. Our formulas can be wet-down with …

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Misconceptions of Hemp Seed Oil

Will your fur-baby will get “High” or “Stoned” from the Hemp Seed Oil? Think your fur-baby will get “High” or “Stoned” from the Hemp Seed Oil? πŸ€” Not. A. Chance. Hemp Seed Oil is not to be confused with Cannabis or CBD oil (which are both illegal in Australia.) Hemp …

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My Dog Has Put On Weight… HELP!

Understanding Weight Gain with PFA There’s a fair bit of confusion that goes on when we get new PFA Family member swapping to PFA for the first time in regards to weight gain πŸ€“ First of all it’s important to understand just how nutrient-dense the PFA formula is, with higher …

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Chicken-Free Formulas

Allergies to Poultry/Chicken? We hear you! πŸ‘‚ Does your fur-baby have allergies to Poultry/Chicken? We hear you! πŸ‘‚ We have just released our new Kangaroo formula which contains all the super-food goodness of our Original Turkey formula, minus the Poultry Proteins. 🌿 Click here to find out more on our …

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Tips on How to Encourage First Bites of PFA

Your dog won’t eat our food? Here are some handy tips on getting them started! As our formula is very natural compared to most mainstream formulas, it may take a while for your fur-babies taste to adjust. We recommend adhering to the transitional guide on our packaging. 🌿 As a …

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Shipping Times & Different Couriers

Arrival Times and ETAs’ of Orders

Want to know when your order will arrive? Here are the details! We want to get your order to you as quickly as possible. πŸ›« At PFA, once your order is placed, it is dispatched either the same or next business day depending on the time your order was placed. …

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Shipping Process

How Pet Food Australia ship online orders 1. Order is placed 🐾 2. The order is processed and dispatched by PFA (business days only) The control of your parcel is now in the hands of the delivery service provider. πŸ“¦ 3. A tracking number, phone number, and a link will …

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Where to Purchase PFA

Want to know where you can buy Pet Food Australia products? We are 100% online and ship Aus-Wide! ✈ FREE shipping to NSW, VIC, QLD, SA, ACT, WA & TAS on orders over $100 πŸ“¦ (Over $169 for NT) You can purchase our food by clicking the link: PFA SHOP …

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Orders Not Arriving at their ETA

Order didn’t arrive on time? Here’s how to get help for your delivery. Please locate the tracking information sent to your email when your order was placed to locate your tracking number. πŸ“§ The tracking number will inform you of the location, delivery company and ETA of when to expect …

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Unable to Track Order, Further Assistance Needed

Can’t track your order? We’re here to help! If a location status cannot be determined, or you have any other queries, please send an email with your name and tracking number to [email protected] We will then get back in touch and let you know what can be done next 😊

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