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Dog Dry Food

At Pet Food Australia, we understand the pivotal role that a balanced diet plays in the health and happiness of your beloved pet. Our dry dog food is crafted with this in mind and we’re proud to offer unmatched nutrition and taste throughout our range! So if you’re looking to buy high-quality, nutritionally-rich dog and puppy food online, you’re in good hands.

Our Commitment To Quality Dog’s Dry Food

When you browse through our wide range of dog foods, you’re not just picking a product; you’re choosing a commitment to quality. Here’s how our dried dog food range stands out:

  • Hemp Seed Oil: It’s like giving their immune system a little high-five, helping them stay strong and playful. Rich in Omega 3, 6, and fatty acids, this miracle worker keeps your pets calm, reduces joint pain, keeps their coats shiny, and more!
  • Nutrient Dense: We pack our food with real meat contents, ensuring a protein-rich diet for your canine. This helps to keep your dog happy, healthy and full of energy throughout the day.
  • No Fillers: Say goodbye to unwanted fillers like soy, artificial colours, corn, rice, wheat and preservatives. Our dried dog food is as natural as it gets!
  • Variety is Key: Whether you have a small pup or a large hound, our diverse range caters to all breeds and sizes.

Why Choose Dry Dog Food?

Dry dog food is a staple in many dog owners’ feeding routines. Here’s why:

  • Long Shelf Life: One of the key benefits of dry dog food is that it can be stored for extended periods without the risk of spoilage. This may go negative (The long shelf life)
  • Dental Health: The crunchy nature of dried dog food can help in reducing tartar build-up, promoting better dental health.
  • Cost-Effective: With our dog foods, you’re ensuring maximum nutrition without straining your budget.
  • Know The Ingredients: We believe it’s only right that you know exactly what’s in the food you give your dog. That’s why you’ll be able to see a full list of our delicious and nutritious ingredients on all of our dog food pages. 

Looking For Dry Puppy Food in Australia?

It’s not just the big dogs that get to enjoy our delicious dog food but puppies as well! Our puppy dog dry food formulas are crafted with care to ensure that every bite contains the essential nutrients your puppy needs for a strong start in life. Finding dry puppy food online that you can trust has never been easier:

  • Optimal Nutrition: Our dry puppy food formula is designed to provide puppies with the right balance of protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals essential for healthy growth and development.
  • Small Bites: Puppies have smaller mouths and delicate teeth, which is why our dry puppy food features smaller kibble sizes that are easy for them to chew and digest.
  • Delicious Flavour: Our Chicken and Duck formula is the perfect puppy dog dry food to keep even the fussiest pups happy. It contains the highest quality chicken meal and duck meal, alongside tasty, nutrient-rich fruits and veggies such as potatoes, peas, spinach, apples and blueberries.

Explore More At Pet Food Australia

While dog food may be the staple of a dog’s diet, treats play a vital role in training and bonding:

  • Chicken Delight: Our chicken jerky for dogs is a hit among our furry friends. Made with 100% real chicken, it’s a treat that’s both delicious and nutritious.
  • Beefy Goodness: Packed with essential nutrients, our liver treats for dogs are both tasty and beneficial for your pet’s health.
  • The Taste of the Wild: For those looking to give their pets a taste of something unique, our kangaroo liver treats are a must-try.

Join Our PFA Online Community

With Pet Food Australia, you’re not just buying food, you’re joining a community that values the health and well-being of your pet as much as you do. Our customers are all passionate pet owners and they trust us to provide balanced, nutritious and delicious food for their canine friends. 

Engage with the Pet Food Australia community directly via our fun and friendly Facebook group. Read the latest product reviews, interact with fellow canine aficionados and see plenty of friendly furry faces enjoying their Pet Food Australia products. This is also your direct line with us if you feel like sharing your thoughts with us.

We love nothing more than seeing pictures of our happy and healthy doggy community - it’s why we do what we do! Want to share some tail-wagging shots with the rest of the community? Simply use the hashtag #petfoodaustralia and share away.

100% Aussie-Made and Owned Dry Puppy Food

It’s not just through our customers that we foster a sense of community; all of our products, whether it’s our dry puppy food or our adult recipes, are 100% Australian-made and owned, right in the heart of Sydney, NSW. This not only means that we know exactly what goes into our dog food, but it also helps to support the local Aussie farming communities that we know and love. Unlike other brands that try to cut costs, we’ll never change who we are and promise to never sell to any overseas investors. 

Ordering Made Easy

Our streamlined online pet food shopping experience ensures you get what you need with just a few clicks. With Pet Food Australia, you can buy our delicious food outright or subscribe to receive your pet food at a regular time that suits you. 

Shop Dry Dog Food Online Today

Every mealtime is an opportunity to nourish your pet with the best. With Pet Food Australia’s range of dry dog food, you’re ensuring your furry friend gets a balanced, delicious, and wholesome meal every time. So, if you’re searching high and low for quality kibble or dry puppy food in Australia, you’ve found the right place. Dive into our range and discover the perfect meal for your furry best friend today!

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