Sometimes it really does feel like you’re out here begging on the street trying to catch a break on finding the solution to your pets’ diet – that’s what we’re here for 🥰


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# 1. Pet Food Australia super foods are specifically designed to help solve problems hundreds of thousands of pets around Australia have suffered from for decades, quality of life killers like…

❌ Chronic Itchy Skin
❌ Anxiety & Stress
❌ Dry & Dull Coats
❌ Digestion & Stomach Issues
❌ Joint Inflammation & Pain
❌ Weight Problems
❌ Gunky Ears
❌ Ear Infections
❌ Anal Gland Issues

… and SO many more, a healthy, well supplemented diet truly is magical 🔮

# 2. For far too long the Pet Food industry has gotten away with its profit hungry attitude substituting quality & innovative nutrition with ghastly ingredients designed to fill out the kilos, while fattening the margins like…

👉 Animal By-Products
👉 Wheat, Corn and/or Barely
👉 High Salt Contents
👉 Soy
👉 Rendered Fat
👉 Vegetable Oil
👉 Rice
👉 Artifical Colours
👉 Artifical Flavours
👉 Artificial Preservatives

Can we seriously sit here, read these ingredients and then say to ourselves, “Yeah this sounds like a healthy nutritious diet for my best friend” …

Pet Food Australia super food ingredient lists are ALWAYS top heavy in real meat contents, in the form of meal which drains 70% off the water weight while BOOSTING the protein levels in our formulas by 65% 🙌

Additionally they contain ZERO use of fillers which contributes to the nutrient-density of our food where in most cases, you’re feeding 2-3x less than you would cheaper pet food while significantly elevating the level of nutrition

# 3. Our customers, whom which we call the PFA Family, are everything to us – you are NOT just another number that pops up on our order list. You will truly struggle to find any other family-owned Pet Food brand that is as hands on as our team is… day or night, we are here for you 🤝

We consciously recognise with every interaction we have, that your feedback is CRUCIAL to us delivering the best possible service and the best possible food for your fur pack!

# 4. Transparency, transparency and more transparency… this is what we feel is a significant advantage the PFA Family feel they are getting when they choose to join our cause. On top of the innovative supplements we use in our super foods, some of which we were the FIRST to use in Australia, we were also the only Pet Food brand up until recently that created a Facebook community group(… here it is 👉 www.facebook.com/groups/petfoodaustralia) 😎

This is your DIRECT line of communication to us as well as thousands of other pet owners JUST LIKE YOU that are striving to give their fur pack the best life they possible can – it’s also our opportunity to SHOW YOU just how truly transparent and hands on we really are 🥰

# 5. Last… but not least! Pet Food Australia, if you couldn’t tell by the name, is proudly 100% Australian sourced, made & owned 🇦🇺

When you invest in our super foods, you’re not just investing in your pets’ short-term and long-term health… you’re supporting a family-owned Australian business… that unlike MANY other Pet Food brands, will NEVER be selling out to overseas investors – ever❗️

All 100% Australian Sourced Ingredients

❌ No GMO ❌ No Gluten ❌ No Grain ❌ No Artificials

✔️ Hypoallergenic ✔️ All Natural Formula ✔️ Innovative Supplements


(… and yes, Lee is absolutely #$%@ing himself but give him props for trying to be on video 😂)


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My 7 year old staffs cross was anxious and always biting his paws, and recently had a big hot spot on his head.. since going to this food his hot spot has healed and his fur has grown back so quickly and he doesn’t bite on his paws nearly as much as he used to! I feel like he’s much happier and overall have definitely seen a well needed change in Read more about review stating Amazing stuffhim!

Kahla W.Verified Buyer

Jessie LOVES her Pet Food Australia

Jessie is just loving her new food. She is eating mush better than she has for a very long time! How good it has been to see this improvement in this little girl who has had long term gut issues.

Sue J. Sue J.Verified Buyer

Both of my dogs like the kangaroo dry food one of them licks his paws but since he has been eating it he doesn't do it as much hopefully it will clear up for good.

Erin S. Erin S.Verified Buyer

Kangaroo Dry Food

Very pleased with your product. My Kelpie absolutely loves it. He used to vomit up other dry food, but not this. It's so great to see.
Diane Bannerman. Happy Customer.

Diane B.Verified Buyer

Pet Food Australia Kangaroo Kibble

Best kibble ever, have the most calm chilled 4 month old Bull Mastiff ever
Thankyou Pet Food Australia

Julie P. Julie P.Verified Buyer

My fussy Gracie never liked dry dog food, but now we’ve gone to PFA she will eat for breaky and dinner! Clean bowls and a happy full tummy. Her behaivor has improved so much! Happy mama and happy doggo!

Mel M. Mel M.Verified Buyer

Amazing Products!

I have a gorgeous a 17 month old Rottweiler (Mia) who has had a variety of issues including major anxiety and stomach problems (which has made her a bit of a fussy eater).
She has me cost thousands in vet bills and has had numerous antibiotics, prescription biscuits and other medications already in her young life. I trieRead more about review stating Samd this product hoping to help her with her anxiety not expecting too much as nothing else seemed to help in the past, (my only other option was to take her to a behaviourist which would cost thousands). Mia was also not that fond of her prescription biscuits and was on and off with eating them.

I ordered a sample pack of the Turkey flavour which I used as treats at first. She loved them and was always looking for more, I then placed an order of a small bag just in case she decided to be fussy with these too after a few weeks, I also got a sample of the kangaroo for her to try. She loves both flavours so now I alternate between the two.
She is visibly happier in herself, alot calmer now generally and calms down quicker when she does get anxious which is great for her and me!

To my surprise her stomach issues seem to be sorted too, as she has not had any bouts of diarrhoea since starting on them and is now a perfect pooper! But the thing that is an immediate stand out is how soft and glossy her coat is! She had pretty much lost her soft downey puppy coat and was getting the rougher courser hair especially on her back. Well not anymore she is back to being super soft!

THANK YOU PFA for helping Mia be alot happier girl.
(The only thing on my wishlist is smaller bags of the large kibble).

Samantha H. Samantha H.Verified Buyer


My dog Mishka loves your food. I had trouble with her vomiting and sloppy poos since I changed her food to aust pet foods she has not vomited and her poos are well formed and easy to pass. A very very big thank you aust pet foods. One more very happy dog and owner.

Joanne F.Verified Buyer
100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee!

You are fully protected by our 100% Money Back Guarantee on 4KG orders. If your furry little friend doesn’t like the food over the next 30 days, then we will gladly refund your money…

No questions asked!

(4.8/5 Star Rating)
100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee!

You are fully protected by our 100% Money Back Guarantee on 4KG orders. If your furry little friend doesn’t like the food over the next 30 days, then we will gladly refund your money…

No questions asked!

(4.8/5 Star Rating)


100% Australian Made & Owned
Right Here In Sydney, NSW.

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