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Quick Checkout for New Customers

Discover the fastest way to order one formula as a new customer

1. Navigate to “Super Foods” in the top bar, then click on “All-Natural Kibble Formulas” 🌿 (Alternatively, you can click here)

2. Click “Discover Formula” on the flavour you are interested in πŸ—

3. Read through the reviews and info until you see the red rectangle with “View Pricing”, click on it. (Alternatively, you can click here for the Turkey Option, or here for Kangaroo) πŸ¦ƒ

4. Tick which size and number the quantity you would like 😊

5. Fill in the rest of the page then click “Order Now” πŸ›’

Woohoo! πŸŽ‰

Now sit back, relax and get excited for your Fur-baby to experience the benefits 1000’s of others across Australia have with our Aussie Hemp Oil formulas while we send it off to your front door πŸ“¦

πŸ’•Much love, the Team @ PFA

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