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Intentional Playtime For Dogs | How to wear out your dog?

Our beloved, loyal, happy, furry best friends are always the happiest in their owner’s company. However, just because they’d happily spend an entire evening cuddling and enjoying pets, they also require a lot of physical activity. In addition, depending on the breed, age, weight, and health of your dog- their energy levels will vary. So, before leaping into dog parenthood, make sure you analyse the time you have spare that you’re willing to devote to a little furry companion and determine which breed would suit your lifestyle best.

First and foremost, get to know your dog and its energy levels. If they have boundless energy and never seem to get tired, you’re going to need to find ways to tire them out both mentally and physically. On the other hand, if they get tired quickly and prefer short bursts of activity, you can tailor your playtime accordingly.


We know, we know, the last thing you want to do after a stressful day of work is get your runners on and spend the next hour trying to wear out your dog so he (and you) can get a restful night’s sleep. Because if left full of energy, we all know that a bored dog gets up to mischief. So whether it’s as soon as the lights are off or as soon as we leave for work the following day, they’re definitely going to be guilty of doing something they know they’re not supposed to.

Which is worse, spending an hour outdoors or coming home to mass destruction from a dog with too much energy?

Here are a few tips to help you make the most of your playtime with your furry friend and ensure they’re getting the exercise they need without wearing yourself out in the process.

Golden Retriever dog running outdoors in nature


One way to wear out your dog is by playing fetch – this is a great way to get their heart rate up and use up all that excess energy. This is the perfect activity to do with your dog if you have a large backyard. However, if you live in an apartment or don’t have access to a lot of outdoor space, there are still ways to play fetch indoors. Make sure you put all breakables out of their path because dogs chasing a ball are like horses with their blinders on… absolutely no peripheral vision!

You can also play fetch with your dog in the water – this is a great way to keep them cool in the summer heat and get their heart rate up simultaneously. If you have access to a pool, lake, or beach, bring along a ball or Frisbee and let them burn off some energy chasing it around in the water.

Dog playing fetch


Tug of war is another excellent activity for dogs with a lot of energy. Tug of war is not only a great way to wear them out physically, but it’s also mentally stimulating for them as they have to use their brain power to figure out how to win the game. Just be sure you’re using a durable toy that won’t fall apart easily – you don’t want your dog swallowing any small pieces.

Man playing tug-of-war game with Jack Russell Terrier dog and pu


Hide and seek is a great game to play indoors and outdoors, and it’s one that all dogs love. To play, choose a toy or treat that your dog loves and hide it somewhere in the house or yard. Let them see you hiding it, then let them loose to find it. This game is not only great exercise for your dog but also for their mental stimulation as they use their noses to track down the hidden prize.

These are just a few ideas to get you started – the possibilities are endless regarding how to wear out your dog. The key is finding activities that they love and will tire them out mentally and physically.

However, what if we told you you could help wear out your dog without even being home?

portrait of cute puppy red Corgi dog peeking out from behind a thicket of green grass fern in the spring Park for a walk and smiling happily


Puzzle toys are a great way to keep your dog’s mind active and engaged, and they can be a lifesaver when it comes to getting them to use up all that energy. There are a variety of puzzle toys on the market, from simple treat dispensers to more complex games that require your dog to think about how to solve the problem.

The great thing about puzzle toys is that they can be used indoors and outdoors, and you can even take them with you on the go. Meaning your dog can have fun and get a mental workout even when you’re not home.

For those who have gone through serious lifestyle changes such as joining the human parenthood club and don’t have as much time to tire out their dog physically, there are other ways to wear out your dog.

Dog playing sniffing puzzle game for intellectual and nosework t


One way to ensure your dog gets the exercise they need is by enrolling them in doggy daycare. This is an excellent option for working parents or people who don’t have much time to devote to their dog during the week.

At doggy daycare, your dog can play and socialize with other dogs all day long. They’ll get plenty of exercise running around and playing games and come home tired and happy.


Hiring a dog walker is a great option if you can’t commit to taking your dog for a walk every day. A dog walker will come to your house and take your dog for a walk around the neighborhood. This is a great way to ensure your dog gets the necessary exercise without finding the time to do it yourself.

So, there you have a few ideas on how to wear out your dog. Whether you dedicate an hour or two a day to playtime, invest in puzzle toys, enrol them in doggy daycare, or hire a dog walker, you can be sure that your dog will get the exercise they need to stay happy and healthy.

Young woman walking adorable dogs in park

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