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How To Socialise Your Dog | Dog Training Tips

You might want to keep your freshly bought home puppy all to yourself for as long as possible, but we’re telling you that socialising your precious pup early on will make your life so much easier down the track. Here’s why:

Unsocialised dogs can have:



An unsocialised dog could lead to a co-dependent relationship and give you all sorts of grief regarding your pup’s manners. For example, your beloved pooch could suffer separation anxiety, take out their frustrations on the house and the fence, and produce hurricane-like destruction for you to come home to. Another example would be that he barks and howls at everyone in the vicinity of you out of jealousy or purely for more attention. So socialisation is key to having a happy and well-behaved dog. Unfortunately, a dog that isn’t socialised early on can become fearful of other dogs and people, which, in some cases, can lead to aggression.

GIrl petting dog


Similar to children, dogs need to go through an adjustment period when they first enter the world outside of their home. By this, I mean that they need to be exposed to certain things so that their immune system kicks in and they can develop resistance to similar illnesses in the future. So when they’re exposed to different environments and other dogs early on, they build up immunity to various diseases.

Side note: By simply adding Hemp seed Oil to your dog’s diet can potentially help prevent all kinds of diseases and give their immunity the kick start it needs during those early puppy days. Read more about it here. Now back to how to socialise your dog…

So, the question on everyone’s mind: How To Socialise Your Dog? Of course, depending on your lifestyle, work obligations, etc., not all of the tips listed below will suit you, but incorporating a few into your daily/weekly routine will work wonders.

Puppies especially need to be confronted with various people(men, women, and children), places, other animals, vehicles, and even clothing. I know what you’re thinking… clothing? But if you think back, have you ever seen a dog barking at only people who wear hats, sunglasses, or hoods? It could be that they aren’t familiar with these items, and instinct tells them to be wary of things they’re unsure of. Our job as pet parents is to socialise them so that they understand that these things aren’t a threat.

So, number one:


puppy school

Puppy School is a great way to socialise your dog in a controlled environment with other pups of a similar age and size. It’s also an excellent opportunity for you, as the owner, to learn how to train your dog and get professional help from an experienced trainer. Suppose puppy school isn’t possible for you. In that case, there are other socialisation classes you can sign up for, such as obedience training or even trick training – both of which are great socialisation exercises.


Dogs at dog park

Dog parks are a fantastic way to socialise your dog and an excellent opportunity for you to socialise too! You’ll meet other dog owners with pups of all shapes, sizes, and ages and quickly get to know who’s who. However, it’s important to remember that not all dogs are appropriately socialised, so it’s always best to keep an eye on your pup and ensure they’re not getting too rough-and-tumble.


dog walk

Walks are a great opportunity to socialise your dog and expose them to different environments. If you live near the beach, take them down for a paddle; if you’re lucky enough to live in the countryside, let them off the lead and run free; if you live in the city, take them to as many different parks as you can throughout the month. The key is variety – the more different environments they’re exposed to, the better.


Home visit

Home visits are a great way to socialise your dog in a controlled environment. Invite friends and family over, or if you’re not comfortable with that just yet, ask a few of your neighbours if they wouldn’t mind popping in for a quick cuddle. The key is gradually exposing your pup to different people in different situations so they’re not overwhelmed and can learn to cope in social situations.

There you have it – our top tips on how to socialise your dog. Remember, socialisation is key to having a happy and well-behaved dog, so make sure you start early and take advantage of every opportunity you have to socialise your pup. Thanks for reading!

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