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Hemp Seed Oil vs Hemp Oil for Dogs: What’s the Difference?

Hemp oil and hemp seed oil are often confused as being and doing the same. However, they have a few key differences and benefits for your perfect pooch. Well, wonder no more! Allow us to enlighten you.


We understand how easy it is to confuse hemp oil and hemp seed oil… First of all, both products are made from the same species of plant, Cannabis sativa. However, the two products are from different plant parts containing entirely different properties. Therefore, they have their own variety of benefits.

Hemp oil is also known as full-spectrum hemp oil or broad-spectrum hemp oil. Hemp oil is made by pressing hemp seeds to release the oil within. This extraction method is similar to that of olive oil or coconut oil. The main difference here is the type of plant from which the oil is extracted.

Hemp seed oil, on the other hand, is made by cold-pressing hemp seeds to extract only the natural oils. No additional processes are involved in the production of hemp seed oil.

So, now you know the difference! But what are the benefits?


Hemp oil is a “superfood” for dogs. Packed with essential fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals, it can help improve your dog’s coat and skin health. It’s also been shown to boost the immune system, support heart health, and improve joint function.

The following reasons could justify your choice to use hemp oil on your dog:

  • Anxiety reducer
  • It helps warn off cancer
  • Pain relief
  • Reduces inflammation in the body
  • Strengthens immunity
  • Increases appetite and eases nausea symptoms

Increased cardiovascular health

Dog on a bed


Yes, hemp oil is perfectly safe for dogs. In fact, it’s often used as a natural treatment for anxiety and stress. That said, it’s important not to overdo it. Start with a small amount and increase gradually as needed.

However, it’s essential to monitor your pup after consumption to ensure there isn’t an allergic reaction. In addition, if your dog is on regular medication, you might want to check with a holistic vet before introducing hemp oil, as it can decrease the activity of liver enzymes used to metabolize many prescription drugs.


Hemp seed oil has been used for centuries in humans and dogs alike. It’s a key ingredient in many beauty products for its ability to moisturize without clogging pores. Hemp seed oil is also known to have anti-inflammatory properties, which can be helpful if your pup is struggling with joint pain or other inflammatory conditions.

Hemp seed oil has a range of benefits for your dog. Some including:

  • Soothes inflammation
  • Promotes skin and coat health
  • reduces joint pain &
  • May reduce risks of cancer
Dog on a bed


Hemp seed oil can be used on its own or added to your dog’s food. When adding it to food, start with a small amount and increase gradually as needed. You can also add a small amount onto a treat to see it get gulped down in one fell swoop.

If you’re using it topically, make sure to do a patch test first to check for any potential allergic reactions. As we mentioned, hemp seed oil can be used to soothe irritated and inflamed skin by simply applying it to problem areas or areas your dog seems to be itchy.

You can also add a few drops of hemp seed oil to your dog’s shampoo to help relieve dry and itchy skin.

Cute confused pug


Yes! Hemp seed oil is perfectly safe for both humans and dogs. However, it’s important not to overdo it. Follow the directions closely and watch for any adverse reactions, as any new food or product introduced can result in an allergic reaction.


Pet Food Australia Hemp Seed OIl

In our own words, “Used for thousands of years, hemp seed oil comes from the seeds of the hemp plant. Hemp seed oil has no cannabinoids (CBD) and helps both humans and dogs with a variety of functions related to mobility, appetite, pain, anxiety, and more. 

A cold-pressing process extracts the oil from hemp plant seeds. When it comes to hemp seed oil, it can be quite beneficial for your dog’s diet as it is jam-packed with essential nutrients, which can bolster your pooch’s health in a variety of ways.”

Potential benefits from the Pet Food Australia Hemp Seed Oil include:

– Pain Relief

– Anxiety & Stress Relief

– Improve Immune System

– Healthy Skin & Coat

– Reduces Joint Pain

– Natural anti-inflammatory

– Rich in Omega 3, 6 & Fatty Acids

– May assist with Cancer Prevention

To learn more about Pet Food Australia Hemp Seed Oil, check out the product page here or contact us today! We would be happy to answer any of your questions.

To summarise, hemp oil and hemp seed oil are both great for dogs. Hemp oil has more CBD and thus may be better for specific conditions. Hemp seed oil has more essential nutrients and can be used topically or added to food. Either way, your dog will benefit from the healthy fats, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids found in these oils.

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