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Dog Toys For Heavy Chewers

Dog Toys For Heavy Chewers

If your pet has jaw pressure comparable to that of a crocodile, odds are your mate has their toys shredded and all over the house in a matter of seconds (Staffy owners may feel this on so many levels).

We’ve put together a list of dog toys for all the heavy chewers out there to keep them entertained for hours. From fetch toys to interactive puzzles, the team at Pet Food Australia has you covered.

Before we riff off our top picks for dogs with a robust set of chompers, there are a few things to consider first:


The size of the toy should be appropriate for your pet’s size to ensure their safety – we don’t want dogs swallowing toys that are too small or bigger toys getting stuck in small mouths. 


Pug playing with toy

Again, we don’t want any accidents regarding the safety of your furry best friend, so when selecting a toy, ensure the shape is suitable. Toys with a round shape are usually a safe bet, as it will be harder to shred or break the toy. It’s also safer if your pup decides to chew on and consume the toy in corners or edges.


Choose a toy made from durable materials like rubber or tough plastics to ensure it lasts longer. Also, look for toys with reinforced stitching, as they will perform better against heavy chewers.

So without further ado, here are some of our top picks:


A beautiful border collie puppy stares at his Kong on the couch

KONG takes the cake when it comes to the king creation of chew toys! The company has been around for over 40 years, producing some of the strongest and most durable chew toys on the market. The KONG Classic range is made from natural rubber and comes in various sizes depending on your pet’s size and level of chewing power.

*Tip: Stuff your Kong with treats or peanut butter and freeze it overnight to give your pup a sensory, puzzling adventure to keep them busy the following day. This will challenge them both mentally and physically, ensuring they stay out of trouble and you don’t come back to a home that looks like it’s been hit by a hurricane.


The brand Tasty Bone offers a nylon range of flavoured bones designed to be extra durable to challenge the most powerful set of chompers. These delicious doggy bones are safe for pets that like to ingest parts of their toys as they will pass harmlessly through the gastrointestinal system. Ensure you bin the bone when it becomes small enough to be swallowed.


Retriever playing with knot toy

Tug-of-war toys like rope knots or braided ropes are great for dogs with eager jaws. The rope knots provide an extra challenge, and the braided ropes can be soaked in water to add variety to your pup’s teeth cleaning routine.

Playtime PLUS better breath? What’s knot to love?

Dog Chews

Dog looking at Dog Chew

Edible chews are a great option for dogs with heavy chewing needs. From rawhide bones to natural chews, long-lasting and tasty chew treats will keep your pup entertained for hours.

Make sure you check out the Kukuje Himalayan Dog Chew. This chew is a vegetarian alternative to chew bones and keeps even the strongest chewer occupied for weeks or months, or if your pet’s jaws are mighty, it may take just minutes; however, this chew will give your hound a boost in the dental hygiene regime.


Smart dog is looking for delicious dried treats in intellectual game and eating them, close up. Intellectual game for dogs. and training of nose work with pet. brain game training for dogs

Interactive puzzles are great for keeping pets entertained and providing mental stimulation and physical exercise. In even better news, puzzle games can last longer as your pet has to figure out how to get the treats out of the toy instead of simply chewing them down.

No matter what type of toy you choose, if your pet is a heavy chewer, it’s always a good idea to keep an eye on them as they play. As with any chew toy, take it away once it starts showing signs of wear and tear to ensure your pet’s safety.

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