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Caring For Your Pets In Winter

As temperatures continue to drop throughout Winter, we find ourselves changing our routine to suit the change of season. We wear warmer clothes, we wake up later, our exercise regime changes, and we find ourselves drawn to warming, nutritional meals. But what about our pets? How are we making sure they’re comfortable for the Winter?


Dog Working Out

We’re all guilty of it… adding a few kilos during Winter when the last thing you want to do is put on some activewear and brave the cold weather to get your movement in. But making sure you prioritise your pet’s movement is essential during Winter. A few extra kilos to us isn’t as severe as the additional kilos your pet might gain with their lack of exercise. However, under-exercised pets risk developing obesity and joint pain, leading to much more serious conditions down the track.

So, when you find yourself less inclined to move, think about how your pets feel and ensure they’re getting their daily walk or run in.


Dog Shaking to Dry Off

After a long walk on a cold, wet day, you must ensure you’re drying your pets off properly before they head inside. Pets with long fur should have their coat brushed to remove any knots, mats, or tangles and then thoroughly dried to prevent their skin from drying out. Use a towel or hair dryer on a low setting (never use a high setting) to remove any moisture from their coat.

To go along with their skincare regime, you should also add:


Cold and dry weather can do a number on your pet’s delicate skin. To prevent dry, flaky, and irritated skin, we recommend adding a skin or coat supplement to their food, and we’ve got just the thing:

Hemp Seed Oil…

Customer Photo with Hemp Seed OIl

Used for thousands of years, hemp seed oil comes from the seeds of the hemp plant. The hemp seed oil has no cannabinoids (CBD) and helps humans and dogs with various functions related to mobility, appetite, pain, anxiety, and more. Some of the benefits include:

– Pain Relief

– Anxiety & Stress Relief

– Improve Immune System

– Healthy Skin & Coat

– Reduces Joint Pain

– Natural anti-inflammatory

– Rich in Omega 3, 6 & Fatty Acids

So adding this product to your pet’s Winter routine will help to keep their skin and coat healthy and moisturised all season long!

If you don’t want to take our word for it, make sure you check out the product page for all the details, along with a few 5-star reviews, including the one below:

“I tried this product as a precursor to the food as I wanted to see if the hype was real – and oh my goodness, it has changed our life – literally no more monthly vet visits and medications!! ALL our dogs’ allergies disappeared within two weeks!! Their coats are INSANELY shiny and gorgeous now, and no more licking and scratching! Honestly wish I’d done it sooner!”


Checking dog Paws

Walking on salt, snow, and even cold, wet grass can be hard on your pet’s paws. Wiping their feet with a damp cloth after each walk will help remove any irritants that might have built up. If you notice any cracks, cuts, or soreness on their paw pads, make sure to monitor them closely so that if an infection occurs, you can have a treatment plan in place.


Dog Eating Warm Dinner

Who doesn’t love a warm, hearty meal in Winter? Just like us, our pets feel the same way! So if you feed your pets dry food, add a little hot water to their bowl to help them digest their food properly.

P.S. Make sure you don’t get too carried away with their meal sizes because during Winter, the body naturally doesn’t burn as many calories as in the warmer months, and you don’t want your pets putting on too much weight.


Dog Playing In Water

Just like us, pets need to stay hydrated in Winter. So make sure you’re filling their water bowl with fresh water regularly, and if they spend time outdoors, make sure they have access to a heated water bowl, so their water doesn’t freeze.


Dog getting ready for bed

Whether your pet sleeps indoors or outdoors, make sure they have a warm, comfortable place to sleep. If they sleep outdoors, consider investing in a pet-safe heater or bed warmer to keep them cozy. And if they sleep indoors, ensure their bed is away from draughts.

Harsh Winter weather brings along with it a wide variety of concerns for pet owners. So, keep these tips in mind and make an additional effort to monitor your pet for any distressing cues that something might not be quite right.

P.S. Our final winter tip is to spend more mornings and nights enjoying the comforting pet cuddles under warm blankets because you’re not the only one who enjoys it.

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