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Can My Dog Get Sunburnt?

Can my dog get sunburnt?

While humans take every precaution to protect themselves from the sun, we often overlook the same precautions for our beloved furry family members. 

So, the question we are answering today is: “Can my dog get sunburnt?”

In this blog, we’ll explore the factors that put dogs at risk of sun damage, how to identify sunburn in dogs, treatments, and how to protect your pup from the sun’s damaging rays. 

So, let’s put on our sunscreen (the metaphorical kind) and get ready for some paw-some protection tips!

Sun Risks

Dog Sunbathing

Dogs, just like humans, are susceptible to sunburn and other health complications resulting from sun exposure. For example, prolonged exposure to the sun’s UV rays can cause sunburn and skin damage, increasing the risk of skin cancer. In addition to sunburn, dogs can also suffer from heat exhaustion, heat stroke, and dehydration, which can be life-threatening if not treated promptly.

Factors that Put Dogs at Risk of Sunburn

dog poolside

Does your dog have a coat that’s lighter than a vanilla latte? Or is it as bald as a baby’s bottom? These are just a few factors that can put your dog at risk of sunburn. Other risk factors include dogs with sensitive or thin skin or spending much time outside with limited shade. So if your dog fits the bill, don’t worry! We’ve got you (and them) covered.

How to Identify Sunburn in Dogs

Veterinarian holding a jack russell terrier dog

Sunburn in dogs can be easy to miss, but knowing the signs is essential. Sunburn in dogs often manifests as red, painful, and peeling skin, especially on their noses, ears, and belly. In addition, keep an eye out for red or pink skin, pain or sensitivity to touch, peeling or flaky skin, and even blisters or lesions.

Protecting Your Dog from UV Damage

Dog walking in shade

Like humans, our canine companions need protection from the scorching sun. So, to keep your pup safe, it’s important to take a few simple steps. Providing shade or limiting their dog’s exposure to direct sunlight is crucial in preventing sunburn and skin damage. Additionally, applying dog-friendly sunscreen on exposed areas of the skin can offer an extra layer of protection. Dressing your dog in protective clothing or accessories can also help shield them from the sun. Finally, ensure your dog stays hydrated by offering plenty of fresh water.

Natural Sun Protection for Dogs

Dog drinking water

If you prefer to avoid traditional sunscreens, natural remedies can also help soothe sunburned skin. Aloe vera and coconut oil are excellent choices, providing soothing relief and hydration to sunburned skin. In addition to these remedies, offering your dog plenty of fresh, clean water and feeding them a balanced diet rich in vitamins and minerals that support skin health is imperative.

Treating Sunburnt Dogs

aloe vera

If your dog’s skin has become reddened, warm, or flaked, it’s a sign of sunburn, and taking action quickly is vital. Moving your dog to a shaded area or indoors is an excellent first step. Cool compresses or ointments can help soothe the skin and alleviate the initial symptoms. In addition, a minor sunburn may benefit from the application of Aloe. However, it’s best to consult a veterinarian if the sunburn is severe. Treatment with cortisone or antibiotics may be necessary to prevent inflammation or a secondary infection. 

Sunburn and UV damage are no joke, so taking steps to protect your furry friend from these risks is essential. Following the tips and tricks outlined in this blog, you can keep your dog healthy and happy all year round. So, let’s all give a round of “barks” for paw-some protection!

If you’re looking for more ways to keep your pooch cool during the scorching summer months, check out our previous blog: How To Keep Your Pet Cool In Summer.

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