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Meat VS Meal… What’s The Difference⁉️


Meat VS Meal... What's The Difference

We’re quite surprised to see just how many pet owners around Australia have Meal TOTALLY misunderstood…

That being said, we really don’t blame you at all & here is why 👇

For as long as any of us can remember, whenever we see or heard about the ingredient in dog food we call Meal, it’s usually been accompanied by something along the line of “Animal Meat By-Products“…  nasty, nasty stuff.

Here’s what we all need to recognise though about the formulas you’ve seen Meal used in overtime‼️

They have been designed to fatten profit margins at the cost of your pets’ health… yeah really 😤

The PR & Marketing teams of these companies have pulled the wool over millions of Australians eyes for decades while alienating even more millions of Australians from realising just how incredibly healthy Meal can be.

Yes you heard us correct! “Meal” and “Healthy”… used in the same sentence 😲

You see here are the undeniable facts about Meal when it is made from Real Meat content instead of disgusting fillers like Animal Meat By-Products

Let’s take our Turkey Meal for example…

If we included straight Turkey Meat in our formula, all the parts we eat as humans, the nutrient-density of the food would go down and our profit margins would get fatter 🤑

Why is that you might ask?

Meat on its own as we all know contains A LOT of water weight, about 70% more than Meal does to be exact 🤏

Additionally, Meal being a more concentrated amount of meat, on average contains 65% more protein than other formulas that use Meat not made into Meal… but they already know this 😑

So let’s just back up a second here ☝️

We use ALL the parts we eat as humans in our Meal recipes and because of that, we are actually increasing your value for money by boosting the nutrient-density of the food significantly 😏

Yes my friends… you read all of that correctly!

Now what are you waiting for… go an pick up your first order at and join 100,000+ Aussies who have already made the swap 👊

We promise you WILL NOT regret it 😍

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