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We see a lot of new customers not following a couple of general rules when changing your dogs’ diet, leading to a misunderstanding about our food, so here they are:

1. Upset Tummy and/or Loose Stools: It is so incredibly important to understand just how immensely nutrient-dense our food is, follow the transitioning guide on the packaging but SERIOUSLY pay attention to how much you feed your dog when feeding PFA, that includes snacks and so on. 

Additionally, keep an eye on the weight of your dog and reduce the AMOUNT of feed, if you find that extra weight is beginning to creep in!

Like when changing to any new diet, the likelihood of an upset stomach, runny/loose stools, or slight vomiting rises significantly.

If you’ve bought PFA and have no choice but to swap entirely right away, please just stick with the diet change for a few days to a week and you’ll find they adjust absolutely fine!

2. Vomiting: To further the above point, because our food is so incredibly nutrient-dense and healthy, you can quite easily overfeed your dog(s) with PFA if you don’t slowly introduce the diet… which can obviously overwhelm your dogs’ system to the point where they bring the food back up.

This point is especially important to remember if you additionally supplement your dogs’ diet with other foods as well!

3. No Noticeable Changes: To our amazement, we actually have some customers who expect some pretty insane changes in as little as a couple of days… please remember that this is a diet, not a prescription medication, while some customers may report amazing benefits in a short period, most dogs will take a minimum of 4 weeks + to see any significant health benefits.

It’s worth mentioning if you are feeding PFA for any other reason than to provide a super healthy diet, without isolating the diet to just PFA, you won’t be giving your dog the best chance to experience what has caused all the positive feedback you see.

4. Green Tinge in Stool: It’s 100% normal for there to be a slight green tinge in your dogs’ poops on PFA, this is directly caused by the Hemp Seed Oil, nothing to start worrying about.

You should notice once transitioned fully, their poops are the best you’ve ever seen them, not too hard, not too soft… just perfect!

5. Meat Meal vs Meat: We see a lot of concern and confusion over the use of “meat meal”, not many of us seem to know what “meal” actually is.

Where for a long time in this industry, meat meal has been made up of terrible ingredient like “meat by-products”.

Let us clarify for you now, PFA’s meal is made up of 100% real meat, all the parts we as humans consume, which contributes to the nutrient-density of our food with 70% less water weight and 65% more protein.

It’s ridiculously healthy!

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