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Life Changing Transformation

4 month Health turn around. What was the secret?

Try True Quality Pet Food and See the Difference

Dry and coarse fur is generally a sign of something far worse❗

If your dog’s coat isn’t healthy, it generally means they’re not getting enough omega 3’s and 6’s – together with other important ingredients.

Their immunity is likely not in good shape 🤒

That was certainly the case with Lisa’s dog

Jaffa was afopted and was in a pretty bade shape as you can see in the pictures below. 

Bottom line: he wasn’t living his best life.

Yet things started turning around within just 4 months and there was a massive difference in his coat and skin

What was her secret? 🤔

❌ She didn’t take him out for exercise or playtime any longer.

❌ She didn’t brush his fur more often.

❌ She didn’t massage him.

✅ All she did was switch to Pet Food Australia, and the rest took care of itself

And she’s not alone: thousands of dog owners have made the switch and seen their furry friend enjoy relief from ear infections, itchy anal glands, anxiety, fear and stress

Not to mention more energy ⚡

How can a simple dog food make this sort of impact?


Most commercial dog foods are high in carbs, cereals and salt (often to such a degree, it outranks the meats, minerals and vitamins)…

This is the equivalent of a human living on a diet of 2 minute noodles.

So when you change from eating that to turkey meal, potatoes, peas, chicken fat, carrots, dried kelp, dried eggs, coconut oil, apple, alfalfa meal, blueberries, spinach and vitamins…

EVERYTHING changes, because just like with humans…

Eating nutritionally balanced food is the key to your dog’s happiness 🐶

The formula took almost 2 years (and dozens of back and forth trials) to get right, and we spared no expense.

It’s Australian made, from fresh, locally sourced ingredients (with zero grains and low carbs) and there’s a variety of nutritionally balanced options to suit your dog’s taste buds 😋

What’s more, it’s easy to digest, free from artificial preservatives, fillers and flavorings – and contains no animal by-products, hormones or steroids making it perfect for dogs with sensitive stomachs, intolerances and allergies 🐕

Simply hit the shop now button to try it out today, and check out all the messages from satisfied customers who are feeding their furry friend this superior dog food on a daily basis 👇

Jaffa the Pomeranian

Why it works

It's all in the way our foods are formulated

Our mission is to feed Australian pets with the healthiest food possible.

We combine all incredible components into an entire formula using the finest Australian ingredients, with hemp seed oil to keep your pets going strong. We always keep in mind the well-being of your pets, keeping them strong and healthy with our hemp enriched dry dog food – and there’s even a special formula to care for your cat!

We’re an Australian owned company, and the very first company to launch a pet food with hemp seed oil. We’ve focused on the good stuff. There are no filler grains or added preservatives, and our food is perfectly balanced. It’s a great new diet for your pet. Join the family and try our perfectly crafted formula, and see the benefit to the furry friend in your life – you won’t regret it!

Fast forward to today, thousands of dogs have seen a significant improvement since switching on our foods. See the benefits for yourself!

We Believe In Quality Dog Food!

It can be hard to trust brands of dog food that your precious family members have never tried before… but we make it easy! Following science backed facts about what’s healthy and what’s not for our doggies, the result is a dry dog food like nothing we’ve ever seen.


We believe that choosing the right food for your dog should be a simple process. A process you can trust over and over again knowing that the quality of your chosen brand of dog food, does not change.

Pet Food Australia is on a mission to provide the highest quality dry dog food to every dog owner in Australia. We’re so confident in our product every order comes with a 100% money-back guarantee!

Unlike other brands, we’re not a giant corporation looking to cut corners and make as much money as possible. We’re a family business with decades of experience in the industry offering a dry dog food like nothing else available!

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