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Turkey Vs Kangaroo Dog Food | What’s The Difference?

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Turkey Vs Kangaroo Dog Food | What’s The Difference?:

When it comes to knowing which food is best for your canine companion, we’re often asked, what’s the difference between turkey and kangaroo dog food?

Allow us to enlighten you.

Firstly, let’s start with why it’s so important to feed your furry friend a nutritional, well-balanced diet.

A healthy diet for dogs is essential to ensure optimal coat and skin health. A well-balanced diet also supports a strong immune system and gives them the energy they need to run, jump, and play… And in the spirit of honesty, dig holes, chew everything, pull clothes off the washing line and get into all sorts of mischief while you’re not home.

We recommend solo activities to keep your pooch busy while you’re out of the house, but that’s another blog – stay tuned.

All owners must understand that good nourishment is so much more than just tasty food that your dog gobbles up every opportunity. Dogs need to consume enough calories to maintain healthy, fit, and strong bodies to avoid complications later in life that can stem from an unhealthy diet.

Poor nutrition can lead to many heartbreaking disorders in dogs, including emaciation, obesity, allergies, lethargy, and fur loss. 

Now that we know how important a nutritious diet is for our four-legged friends, let’s take a closer look at kangaroo and turkey dog food to determine the differences and see which could be best for your pup.



When it comes to kangaroo dog food, the benefits are endless. Kangaroo meat ticks all the boxes for a nutritional feast for your hound. Kangaroo dog food is an excellent protein source and is rich in B vitamins, Omega 3s, irons, AND zinc (what a mouthful… and we’re not even done yet)! It is also one of the lowest-fat meats on the market. 

Pet owners who struggle with maintaining a healthy weight for their pets are often recommended kangaroo meat to encourage weight loss and a better way of life for the entire family.

Another great thing about kangaroo meat is that it’s a hypoallergenic novel protein, which means it’s less likely to cause allergies in dogs. HOUND-ELLUJAH!

Did you know rotating different flavours is extremely beneficial for your pet? Our Turkey & Kangaroo formulas are the perfect combo when introducing your dog to a rotational diet.


Our kangaroo-based formula uses a powerful source of Australian novel protein to keep your dog healthy, happy, and full of bounce. We’ve made it chicken-free for dogs who can’t stomach avian meats and added ocean fish from Australian seas along with green-lipped muscle and turmeric for extra flavour and nutrition.

Your furry friend will go wild for the mouth-watering taste. Free from any added nasties and full of goodness, you’ll be blown away by the difference in their energy levels and health. Containing compounds that are specially formulated to support their well-being from nose to tail, our dog food works to address common health problems while providing completely balanced nourishment. You don’t need to add anything else with a formula this good. Our pet food is hypoallergenic and perfectly nutritionally balanced to provide everything your pup needs. It contains no grains, fillers, or anything artificial. 

You can read all of the mouth-watering details here.


Turkey dog food is also a great option for your canine friend. Similar to kangaroo food, turkey is an excellent source of protein and is low in fat. Additionally, Turkey is a highly digestible protein source for dogs, making it ideal for dogs who are overweight or suffering from obesity.

Turkey meat is also a hypoallergenic protein, which means you can wave au revoir to skin allergies your pet may have been suffering from previous foods. According to Pet Food Australia Owner and self-confessed animal-lover Lee, “…turkey is the perfect base ingredient to keep your dog healthy and strong, from nose to tail.”


turkey dry dog food with hempseed oil

The all-Australian protein makes our product great, but the ingredients we add make it exceptional. We’ve loaded our natural formula with superfoods that have changed the lives of thousands of dogs. So with all the benefits of hemp seed oil, blueberries, spinach, and more – your pup will be brighter, happier, and even more excited for meal times.

But, don’t just take our word for it. You can read the many customer reviews for yourself on our product page here. Here’s one of our most recent testimonials:

“My dog loves this food and she is healthy, shiny and exuberant. She was troubled with a hot spot which has completely disappeared. I am so happy to provide food that is so wholesome and good for her.” – Heather W, verified buyer.


So, to summarize. Both are great options… that helps, right?

In all seriousness, turkey and kangaroo dog foods are great options for what you choose to feed your pet. Turkey is an excellent option for those looking for a highly digestible protein that is also low in fat. Kangaroo meat is also an excellent source of protein, rich in B vitamins, Omega-s, iron, and zinc.

Both are hypoallergenic proteins, making them less likely to cause allergies and keep your pet’s tummies full and nourished and their coats so shiny they’ll have their owner envious of their luscious locks.

The best way to decide what to feed your pet is to consult the one who will be ingesting it. See which your dog responds to best and make a decision as a team.

If you have any questions about our dog food, please do not hesitate to contact us here or follow along on Facebook, Instagram & Youtube for more tips, tricks, and a whole lot of funny animal memes.

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