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Benefits of feeding your pet once a day vs 2 or 3 times


Benefits of feeding your pet once a day vs 2 or 3 times:

Are you part of the guilty party giving your pampered pooch just that little bit extra? We
don’t think it could hurt them… especially on those colder winter nights… Looking into those
adorable eyes and tipping extra into that feeding bowl?

The truth – You could be… and your furry best friend has you wrapped around their paw.

Our domesticated best friends (canis familiaris) are direct descendants of the grey wolf
(Canis Lupus). You may already know this intriguing fact, you may not. Regardless, the fact
remains that dogs are both predators and opportunist scavengers…

WHY is this so important to know!?

You see, considering their origins, dogs, whilst they aren’t currently accustomed to going
without food, they shouldn’t be at the opposite end of that scale and consuming too much.
Whilst you might think you aren’t impacting your dog’s diet with all these treats or ‘off your
plate snacks’; they are becoming comfortable and taking the opportunity to eat outside of
normal meal times.

Why are we taking the time to tell you this?

Well, we have arrived at a stage in our dog’s evolution where we consider them family. We
dress them up, they sleep on our beds, we pander to them, we pamper them and most
importantly we FEED them – and we KEEP feeding them. Our beloved best friends are
becoming accustomed and developing a taste for food that may not be good for them or
eating TOO MUCH which can also lead to disinterest in the food which is good for them and
their health.


It is vital for all owners to understand that good nourishment is so much more than just tasty
food that you believe your dog will enjoy. Dogs need to consume enough calories to
maintain healthy, fit bodies and in understanding and maintaining this, balanced nutrition
can help you enhance the quality of your dog’s life, as well as extend it.

But you’re thinking this must be some sort of joke, right? You’re looking through the feeding
guide, you’re looking from your dog to the quantity of food, and you know it isn’t enough…
And you know your dog hates it…

Well, let’s see if we can sort through your concerns with a few questions…

Have you given your dog more food than what is recommended for their size?

Do you feed your dog more than once a day and at different times throughout the week?

Are you still with us?
Consider your dogs current feeding habits while you answer
the next 3 important questions…

                                    Is your dog showing disinterest in their food?

                         Have you noticed that your dog isn’t finishing their meal?

            Is your dog avoiding feeding time, but accepting food directly from you?

                                                                           What does all this mean?

Well, from here, it becomes quite simple, whilst changes in your dog’s
behavior shouldn’t be overlooked, some common causes for dogs being
disinterested, not finishing, and walking away from their food can be
overfeeding, sudden changes in diet and an irregular feeding pattern.

                                                                         Benefits. Let’s talk BENEFITS!


Dogs are creatures of habit. Just as your dog knows the exact time you are
going to pick up their lead and take them for a walk, they know when that
delicious bowl of food is going to present itself.

As owners we should be working to create this predictability for our dog’s, it
will create security for your dog – they will know you haven’t forgotten them,
and they will start reminding you when it’s time for dinner (but like we could
ever forget that!).

As a bonus having one regular and consistent feeding time can not only make
them feel like part of the family but assist in helping furry loved one’s cope
with all those scary and unexpected changes within your household!

If those warm fuzzies haven’t got your attention, there is also the proven
benefits to feeding your dog on a predictable, once a day schedule…
Without that constantly full stomach and need to process food, your dog’s
body will have time to attend to…

Cell regeneration. Due to the absence of food in the 24 hour period, the entire
body will have more energy for regeneration instead of digestion and
absorbing nutrients. Healthier cells will replace unhealthy cells, and overall
body regeneration will take place.

Destroying bacteria and viruses. Having an empty stomach throughout the day
will increase macrophage activity, which protects against harmful bacteria,
viruses, and other foreign substances. It will also promote the growth of
healthy bacteria in the gut, resulting in overall gut health.

Strengthen the immune system. Absence of food also allows the digestive
system to take a break and lets the body focus on other essential bodily
functions. This allows the immune system to recharge and promote self-healing
wherever the body needs it!

Ready to see what a healthy well supplemented diet can do for your fur pal?
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