Breed Profile – Rottweiler

Breed Profile – Rottweiler
December 1, 2015 Nadia Crighton

Dog Breed Facts

This stunning working dog is a popular choice of dog around the globe. Known for their unconditional love and loyalty to their owners and family. The Rottweiler (also known as a Rotty) is fun and obedient breed that simply adores human affection, and family environments.

The origin for this dog is said to be Germany, and it is believed that the breed was developed from Roman cattle dogs that accompanied cattle herds towards Germany. As they were required to control large boisterous cattle-beasts the dogs were bred to be strong and sturdy. When cattle herding was prohibited by law the breed was used by butchers to pull little carts, however numbers declined rapidly when the Rottweiler was no longer required as a heavy working dog. Luckily a club was formed in Germany, which was devoted to protecting the purity of the breed.

Today that hardworking nature and need to please is still evident and it’s no wonder the breed is still seen working in very important roles such as Police dogs and Customs dogs. In some countries they are also used as rescue dogs and border guards.

This breed is very devoted to those who love them. A guarding strong dog that will require training and understanding from a very early age. They respond to firm yet positive training methods and excel in all forms of obedience training –that should commence from early puppyhood.

Rottweiler dog face front

Rottweiler in water

The Rottweiler thrives on being around their family and in the correct hands can be very easy to train. They love attention and companionship and should not be left alone for long periods of time. They are a big and powerful breed who need space to move and a lovely family or owner to care for them. They can be very loyal and naturally guarding of their family so correct training is paramount.

Puppies should be sort from good, reputable breeders that are affiliated with a club. They are the best people to steer you towards the correct training methods and choice of temperament for your requirements. Always check your puppy is healthy and that mum and dad also have no underlying medical conditions. Like all breeds the Rottweiler is a long-term investment that needs to be carefully considered before purchase.

A hardy dog-breed, which is known to enjoy life into their late senior years. However, some dogs can suffer from Hip and Elbow Dysplasia so it is vital that you ensure good breeding and understanding of the possible issues faced. Talk to your breeder and local club about any health concerns and if these problems are present in your chosen kennel.

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