Breed Profile – Border Collie 

Breed Profile – Border Collie 
March 14, 2016 Pet Food Australia


As one of Australia’s most loved and adored breeds, the Border Collie has grown from a primarily working breed, to become a treasured companion animal in many homes. Known for their amazing talents and smart natures, Border Collies are the perfect addition to an energetic home.


The breed is considered a medium sized dog with a moderate coat. As they have a double coat grooming is a must and this breed will shed. Care must also be taken in warmer weather as double coated breeds certainly feel the heat. The most popular colour is the black and white variety however Border Collies also come in other colours including tri.



Border Collies simply thrive when doing obedience training and agility work and simply put, they are a delight to train. A playful and spirited breed that requires daily exercise to prevent boredom. They fit perfectly with busy energetic households who love to be in the outdoors flexing their muscles and running up a storm. It is important (like with any breed) to understand that a Border Collie is a ‘herding’ breed. This strong desire to ‘herd’ is build into their DNA, this can sometimes be a problem with cats, small animals. Training is a must, while also ensuring your Border Collie is adequately exercised daily. A loveable and animated breed that is always happy to see you (particularly if you have a ball or a lead in hand). They are wonderful dogs that make an affectionate and entertaining member of the family.


Herd them up!

As a herding and working breed the Border Collie were specifically bred to be intelligent dogs who could easily handle the energy levels and obedience that are required when herding sheep. A highly intelligent breed that is very athletic and energetic, in saying this they thrive in obedience and dog-sports such as agility.

This is a very important aspect to understand before inviting a Collie into your home. They require a lot of exercise and entertainment and do not take well to being left for endless hours alone in a backyard. If this occurs you may come home to an abundance of holes in the yard and washing torn from the clothesline. They are very smart (in fact some will say they are the smartest of all of the dog breeds), because of this high intelligence they can become bored and destructive easily. If you do not exercise and challenge their minds, the breed will find their own form of entertainment, normally involving chewing or digging of some sort.

Any breed exhibiting destructive behaviour is showing symptoms of boredom, so if this is the case with your Border Collie, increase the daily exercise and create an entertaining backyard. Rotating toys and researching some common boredom busters for when you are away from the home can prevent this problem.

They are loyal and loveable dogs that are sure to bring a smile to any household. When you share your life with a Border Collie there is never a dull moment, it’s no wonder they are such a popular breed across the globe.


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