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Australia’s first dry dog food with hemp seed oil
All Sizes & Breeds
High Quality Ingredients
100%  Australian Made
We’re looking for pet food distributors all over Australia to resell our pet food. Being a pet food distributor can be a very reliable business venture. Customer’s dogs will always eat, so if you offer a good product with added health benefits, they’ll keep coming back.

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You can expand your business and reach a new target market.
You must have a tax permit to sell pet food.
Dogs will always eat, so if you market the product right, customers will keep buying.
You must have a storefront with a physical address, business hours and website to qualify.
It’s an exciting and new business opportunity with the possibility of an increase in revenue.
You must be in the business of selling supplies and pet food to consumers.
The pet food industry is growing daily and you can be a part of this growth.
You must be an active member in the Pet Food Industry.
Benefits of selling our products
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